reading and Rating

I've been taking Data Science classes from edX because I want to broaden my skills, and because I want to grow my ability to work with AI. The coursework is great, but I wanted to get a little extra practice, so I decided to use the data that my bookclub keeps on books that we've read together over the last 15 years. 

Marco Polo

I can make Barkley's CEO, Jeff King, say anything I want. It's like a Jedi mind trick. It's awesome. And it's a sobering harbinger of what the future of content holds. 

The Centaur Agency

To survive in the future, agencies need to embrace AI. The winning model comes from the world of chess.

The Only Source of Knowledge

I believe deeply in the value of experience both as a teacher and as a means of communication. For that reason, when it came to the topic of VR and AR, I wanted our clients and partners to have first-hand, immersive experiences, not just presentations and proposals. So, we created an exhibit for them to immerse themselves in new realities. 

Revisiting our First Technology

How our latest technologies, voice and chat interfaces, are simultaneously bringing us back to our most basic technology and creating new forms of communication

Can AI Be Creative? 

Despite widespread prognostications of economic upheaval thanks to AI and automation, many creatives remain confident that they will never be replaced by a robot. Is that confidence justified? There is also a presentation version I gave at Gas Can 2017.

What Was Here?

Lessons learned from helping partners explore virtual and augmented spaces. 

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