Mark Logan is a strategic technologist, digital marketer, and innovation leader. He has founded a digital agency and an innovation lab, led digital training programs, design-thinking workshops, and innovation culture initiatives and helped bring websites, apps, platforms and startups into the world. 

Mark founded lookandfeel new media in 1996, an early pioneer among digital agencies. The firm garnered national and international acclaim, even winning FWA's coveted Best Website of the Year Award in 2000. Mark served as Managing Director, overseeing new business and strategy as it grew to over thirty full-time employees. Lookandfeel earned a notable client list including Lee Jeans, American Century Investments, Garmin, H&R Block, PBS, MetLife, SwissRE, Hostess Twinkies, VF Corporation, Sears, Kodak, Jockey, Duncan Toys,  and Sprint.

In 2005, Mark led the strategic acquisition process that resulted in lookandfeel being acquired by Barkley. Mark joined Barkley to head digital services. He also led the integration of digital into the core agency. Previously, digital had been a separate P&L at Barkley, and Mark oversaw the change management process to integrate over 80 digital specialists into core agency departments. He also initiated and led a digital training program to boost digital competencies throughout the agency.

In 2011, believing that there were important, unrealized opportunities in the domain of physical computing, Internet of Things and other emerging technologies, Mark founded Moonshot, the innovation lab at Barkley. Initially conceived as a skunkworks unit, Moonshot found immediate success with the Krispy Kreme Hot Light Platform. Soon, it began to grow into a cultural force within the agency, offering classes and workshops to accelerate awareness and adoption of emerging technologies.

Mark created Rotation Week, a week-long innovation sprint that taught emerging technology and Design Thinking. It helped the agency learn about new technologies, gain new skills, generate new projects, create new products and even register a few patents. Rotation Week became the basis for a new innovation service offering to clients. 

Beginning in 2014, Mark and the Moonshot team began to conduct larger-scale innovation projects as a service for clients. These projects used Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design processes as a foundation, with emerging technologies as a key asset woven into the process. Clients such as Vanity Fair, Shelter Insurance, the Nelson-Atkins Museum and Blue Cross Blue Shield have all leveraged this process to generate innovative experience design differentiation.

Mark currently advises clients on innovation strategy and emerging tech opportunities. He also leads Moonshot's explorations of emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality, Conversational Interfaces and Artificial Intelligence. These explorations entail leading teams of agency partners to examine the topics through a multidisciplinary lens and producing insights, content, strategic recommendations, client proposals, prototypes, internal actions and experiential exhibits. 



Mark is an organizer of the Creative Technology community locally and nationally. He has helped to launch and organize Creative Tech events in Kansas City and is a member of the AAF-KC's Creative Technology Committee. He also serves on the 4A's national Create+Tech Conference Committee.

Mark is also an innovation advisor and mentor to startups and brands. He has been a mentor for the TechStars and Sprint Accelerator programs. He currently serves as an advisor on the Orvis Innovation Forum, the Customer Advisory Board for blooom, and the advisory board for Pennez, Inc. 

At Barkley, Mark also serves as a member of Barkley's b*inclusive group, an all-agency, volunteer team with a mandate to enhance Barkley by helping to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion.  



Mark was born in Sydney, Australia and by the age of five had crossed the equator by boat, lived in Sheffield, England, moved to Kansas City and back to Australia, before settling down in Wichita, KS, where he grew up. 

He went to Duke University on a merit scholarship. He originally expected to be a biomedical engineer and graduated with a degree in Theater. He ran away (back) to Australia and began his career in film and video production after a brief stint managing a group home for autistic adults. He got to direct Russell Crowe in a vitamin video once. 

Before founding lookandfeel, he had a career epiphany. In 1991, he was strapped into a Virtual Reality system designed for NASA by Jaron Lanier, the guy who coined the term "Virtual Reality." That experience set Mark on the career path you see above.